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Fibre broadband: Fluidata combines FTTC lines for FTTP speeds up to 200Mbps down and 60Mbps up

Business broadband specialist Fluidata has combined up to three FTTC fibre broadband connections to leapfrog up to FTTP speeds.

The PureFluid Pulse service bonds together up to three fibre-to-the-cabinet connections to create a triple-speed broadband link that’s also three times more reliable.

It can combine up to three 80Mbps down, 20Mbps up FTTC circuits, delivering superfast speeds of up to 200 Mbps down and 60 Mbps up.

Fluidata Purefluid Pulse

It can also connect to an additional DSL broadband line or 3G connection as a reserve so there’s no loss of connection of all three fibre links go down.

Fluidata said: “PureFluid Pulse can claim to be a genuine leased line alternative; offering as good as or even better speeds than fibre and a high service level guarantee.”

Cisco and Fluidata have developed a specialist platform for combining DSL and FTTC connections, which applies advanced packet distribution across the lines at the IP level.

It presents the user’s network as a single Ethernet connection with a static IP, even if one of the connections fails.

The launch of PureFluid Pulse follows a test drive with IT solutions provider Extech, which needed leased-line speeds and low latency but at the cost of high speed DSL connections.

Fluidata supplied a connection which bonds two FTTC connections with a 3G backup, using the PureFluid technology, to give super-fast speeds of up to 200Mbps.

Richard Phillips, engineering manager of Extech, said: “We are not constrained by transit limits and the service doesn’t require us to commit to the long contract terms you normally associate with a leased line. 

“Setup costs are lower and financed over the term of the contract, which reduces our initial outlay.”