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Fibrewave Networks rural broadband: 100Mbps FTTP plans approved by Ofcom

What’s new for Fibrewave Networks?

Fibrewave Cambridgeshire villagesUK communications regulator Ofcom has given the green light to Fibrewave’s request to install a 100Mbps fibre-to-the-premises network in three Cambridgeshire villages.

Digging will start in Earith, Bluntisham & Colne in early 2013, replacing earlier plans to build an up-to-40Mbps FTTC network extending out from BT’s existing network.

Packages will range from symmetrical 25Mbps with a 50GB monthly allowance, up to 100Mbps with 500GB, plus VOIP phone so there’s no need for a BT line – pricing will be announced in the next few weeks.

Fibrewave said: “We said that we would be deploying Fibre to the Cabinet and providing a service with download speeds of ‘up to’ 40Mb/s, and uploads of ‘up to’ 10Mb/s and requested your views. In the months that followed we listened to what you had to say, and to other companies in the industry.

“After some deliberation we decided that we should build something better, even if it meant missing our proposed installation date (which was now).

“We are delighted to announce that shall now be deploying something far better – a true fibre optic network – that is to say Fibre to the Home!”

September 13, 2012

Fibrewave will soon be able to dig up roads to install fibre-optic ducts and street cabinets for its rural FTTH broadband service, if an Ofcom proposal goes through without objections.

The communications regulator has suggested adding Fibrewave to the select group of telecoms companies who can do street work, with a consultation open until September 10, 2012, and a final decision soon after.

August 10, 2012

Fibre optic cable - dsearls/Flickr

What is Fibrewave Networks?

Fibrewave Networks is a rural broadband altnet (alternative network supplier) and ISP, that’s building its own network using a variety of broadband technologies in the East of England, for areas that are poorly served by BT or Virgin Media.

Where does Fibrewave Networks cover?

Fibrewave is concentrating its efforts in East Anglia and the East Midlands, choosing communities where residents and businesses have shown an interest in improving their broadband service.

The first rollout will be in the Cambridgeshire villages of Earith, Bluntisham and Colne, where and FTTH network will be deployed to around 4,500 residents.

Fibrewave will begin digging in early 2013 to create a symmetrical network running at up to 100Mbps in both directions. The network may take advantage of BT’s existing telephone poles and ducts.

What services does Fibrewave Networks provide?

Fibrewave offers broadband only, so unless you plan to use Skype, you’ll need a traditional BT phone line or a mobile phone to make voice calls.

Broadband customers can get a static network address for free, and a block of public IPv4 addresses will be considered on request. A new PPPoE router is part of the service for new customers.

How much does Fibrewave Networks broadband cost?

Fibrewave connections start with a base package of 25Mbps each way, with a 50GB monthly allowance, rising to 100Mbps each way with 500GB per month.  Prices will be announced in Autumn 2012.

What technology does Fibrewave Networks use?

Fibrewave focuses on fibre-to-the-home, with long-distance wireless links an option for remote customers up to 10 miles from their antenna with a line-of-sight connection.

Fibrewave is also investigating the use of wireless over TV white space – the gaps between Freeview signals – which can deliver up-to-10Mbps without a line of sight, over long distances. 

Image: Metropilot/Flickr