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FingerCastCanvas: MarioPaint for Chromecast

FingerCastCanvas is a Chromecast app that turns your TV screen into a crude canvas, letting you daub MarioPaint style sketches from your couch.  

Admittedly the app is a little crude but it’s a fun way to show off Chromecast to your mates and have an impromptu game of Pictionary. 

While there’s not a built-in fly swatting game there is a mini compendium of three games including noughts and crosses, dots, hangman (or squares or whatever you want to call it). 

FingerCastCanvas: MarioPaint for Chromecast
There’s no music composer or Undodog but this is as close to MarioPaint and you’ll get on Chromecast

There’s even a picture viewer letting you share photos snapped on your phone or tablet on your TV. You’ll also be able to scribble all over your snaps on the TV screen, making this app perfect for immature tossers who want to doodle penises on their friends faces. 

When we tested this feature out on a couple of phones (HTC One, HTC Desire 601) we found that photos don’t always display properly, something we hope that developer Chris Sawczuk irons out quickly. 

Other things FingerCastCanvas could definetly do with is an undo/back feature, more colours and a colour dropper. 

The free app is currently ad-supported which can make scribbling on your screen a little tricky. If the photo pub plus the option to remove adverts with a one off payment. 

Chromecast app support is still limited but FingerCastCanvas is one of the best and most fun free apps we’ve seen so far. Check out our previous round up of Chromecast apps, or Chromecast Tips and Tricks feature, our Chromecast review and video below. 


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