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Firefox OS-based Chromecast rival powered up by Mozilla

Mozilla will take on Google Chromecast this year an HDMI streaming stick for connecting Firefox OS phones to your TV.

The Firefox stick from Abitcool is part of a two-pronged attack on TVs that also includes Panasonic smart TVs powered by the Firefox OS, announced at CES in January.

Mozilla’s Firefox OS was launched last year to rival Google’s Android as a budget software platform for smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Mozilla's Firefox HDMI streamer in no way looks like a fat, ugly Chromecast
Mozilla’s Firefox HDMI streamer in no way looks like a fat, ugly Chromecast

Andreas Gal, chief technology officer at Mozilla, said: ““As the only truly open-source platform, Firefox OS has unlocked users, developers and industry participants from the mobile market’s closed systems and content gatekeepers.

“Now, we are expanding that pursuit across new regions, handheld devices, and soon into other areas of our users’ lives as new form factors begin to take shape.”

Abitcool’s website only says that the product is still under wraps, but Mozilla said the device will allow users to send content from mobile and web apps to their TV – pretty much a description of Chromecast.

Tech news website Gigaom said it had obtained a sample, which not only works like Chromecast, but also works with some Chromecast apps.

Yuki Kusumi, director of the home entertainment business division at Panasonic, said: “We are glad to see that Firefox OS gained fruitful results in the first year, both in ecosystem expansion and development on different form factor devices.

“In the second year of Firefox OS, with Open Web technologies and collaboration with the talents from Mozilla, we will realize further innovation in smart TV technologies and products, and bring customers a whole new level of experience.”

Image: Christian Heilmann


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