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Fitbit Aria vs Withings Body Analyzer: Which is the best smart scale?

You might be trying to get in shape, lose weight, stay fit or just keep an eye on your health – whatever it is, you can do it better with the right gadget. Wearables are great right now but when it comes to deep data you’ll need a smart scale to really see how your body is doing.

The latest smart scales can read more than just weight with data for things like fat content and even air quality in the room. Two of the leaders in this area are wearables specialists Fitbit and Withings.

We’ve compared the Fitbit Aria and the Withings Body Analyzer to show you what’s on offer from each so you can find the best one for you.

Fitbit Aria vs Withings Body Analyzer: Design and build

A scale can be more than just a slab used to dish out guilt as motivation to stop eating so many cakes – it can look good too. Both the Fitbit Aria and the Withings Body Analyzer use bleeding-edge tech to offer you the best data selection about your health and they look the futuristic part too.

The Withings features a dark reflective finish with cross section lines and a metallic centre. It also features a clear display that lights up.

The Fitbit Aria has a more traditional round display finished with a metallic ring. This blends classic design styling with the modern of the digital display and the reflective dark material finish.

Fitbit Aria vs Withings Body Analyzer: Data metrics

The Fitbit Aria is the weaker of the two scales when it comes to sheer numbers of metrics available to be measured. This is able to track body weight, body fat, BMI and lean mass.

The Withings Body Analzyer can measure – deep breath – BMI, body fat, weight, lean mass, heart rate and even the air quality in the room.

Both can be paired with their own app to pull in all that data. This can then be used alongside training data from other wearables that use each app to give a more comprehensive and accurate picture of health, your fitness goals and progress.

Fitbit Aria vs Withings Body Analyzer: Connectivity

The Withings Body Analyzer plays nicer with more connections than the Fitbit. Withings has placed Wi-Fi but also Bluetooth connectivity in the scales making connecting to its Health Mate app simple. The app is updated automatically from the last weigh-in even without you needing to open the app.

The Fitbit Aria only has Wi-Fi as a means of connection. This makes initial setup a bit of a hassle and can even mean it won’t work for some home network setups.

Both scales offer profiles for up to eight users and each work with Apple, Android and Windows devices. They also both work with third-party apps allowing you to pull your data into those apps if you prefer. That said the Fitbit won’t work with Apple HealthKit so if you’re already invested in that you might want to go the way of the Withings.

Fitbit Aria vs Withings Body Analyzer: Pricing

As you’ve probably gathered by now the Fitbit Aria is the less capable of the two scales and, as such, is more affordable. The Withings Body Analyzer is one of the best scales on the market so, as you’d imagine, it’s price reflects that.

The Fitbit Aria is £100 at the time of publishing while the Withings Body Analyzer is £130. That said you can pick-up the Withings for £100 and the Fitbit for £85 while deals last on Amazon – of course, that may change from when this was published.


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