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Free 4K movies flogged with Sony Ultra HD TVs in Christmas sales dash

In a bid to dominate British living rooms this Christmas, Sony is giving away five free 4K movies to any customer who buys an Ultra HD telly between now and Christmas Eve. 

Buyers of TVs from Sony’s X90 and S90 Bravia 4K Ultra HD ranges will be able to pick from a list of ten movies from the Privilege Movies 4K collection. 

These will be pre-installed on a compact hard drive once you’ve bought the TV so there’s no need to worry about your slow broadband connection. 

Free 4K movies flogged with Sony Ultra HD TVs in Christmas sales dash
Check your Privilege: Select Sony Telly owners can pick five of the following 4K flicks

Hard drives can be claimed at no extra cost by redeeming your TV purchase at Sony’s site. You’ll have to do this by January 31, 2015 which means if you’re lucky enough to find a shiny Sony 4K telly under the tree this year, you’ll still have time to pick which flicks you want to watch. 

The ten films Sony is bunging with Privilege Movies 4K are: 

The Amazing Spider Man The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Moneyball Premium Rush
Total Recall Salt
Ghostbusters The Patriot
Battle LA Captain Phillips

Unfortunately, somebody didn’t tell Sony that a 4K movie is for life and not just for Christmas. 

When you’ve redeemed your five movies, you’ve got until September 30 next year to unlock them and after that you’ve got until September 30, 2016 to watch them. So this is essentially more of a long term loan than a gift. 

By that point, there should be a greater range of 4K content available, the first 4K TV channels could have launched and broadband connections should (hopefully) have improved sufficiently to allow for 4K streaming in more UK homes