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Free Sky Wireless Connector for On Demand virgins

Sky is giving away a £22 wireless connector to Sky subscribers who still haven’t used Sky On Demand or catch-up.

The Sky Wireless Connector bridges the gap between your Sky+HD box and your broadband router – even if you don’t get your broadband from Sky.

The only catch is that with limited stocks, it could take up to three months for Sky to deliver your new device.

Free Sky Wireless Connector for Sky On Demand virgins
If you’ve got one of these in your letterbox, a free wireless connector could be yours

The offer is Sky’s latest attempt to hook up subscribers with its on-demand services over broadband, which offer both box sets and catch-up from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and many Sky subcription channels.

More than a half of the 4.8 million active Sky+HD owners have now connected their boxes to broadband for Sky On Demand.

This spring, Sky offered to replace any remaining first-generation Thomson Sky+HD boxes, which aren’t compatible with Sky On Demand, and began offering free wireless connectors to new Sky Movies customers.

In September it will launch a new Sky+HD box with built-in WiFi, and launch an even cheaper version of the wireless connector.

The free wireless connector offer is open until October 13, 2013, and you must have received a letter from Sky about the offer.

There’s a minimum recommended broadband speed of 2Mbps – but Sky uses a progressive download system which means you’ll just wait longer for your content, rather than being interrupted by buffering or a low quality picture.


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