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Free Tesco Broadband offer extended, line rental saver coming soon

Tesco’s headline-grabbing offer of 12 months of free broadband has been extended to the end of January 2014. 

Originally due to end on December 1, 2013 the blue and white stripe ISP announced today that it would be extending the offer until January 31. 

The deal sees you paying for just the line rental – £14.90/month – and getting evening and weekend calls to landlines as part of the bargain. 

Free Tesco Broadband offer extended, line rental saver coming soon
January Sale: Tesco Broadband’s offer of 12 months free broadband has been extended

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Customers have the option of signing up for a 12 month deal or taking out Tesco Broadband on a 30 day ‘rolling’ basis, meaning the contract rolls over indefinitely until you cancel it. 

The 30 day option comes with a £40 set-up fee (waived for 12 month customers) but gives customers flexibility. These types of rolling contracts are popular with students, customers who are renting or anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a long term contract. 

Tesco also revealed to Recombu Digital plans to launch a line rental saver option. This is a service offered by most ISPs, which sees you paying a large lump sum up front for line rental for a set period of time, usually 12 months. Line rental saver works out slightly cheaper in the long run than if you paid the standard rate. 

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Our current line rental rate of £14.90 is one of the cheapest on the market on a month-by-month payment basis. A line rental saver option is something we are planning to introduce soon. We have no further details to add at present.” 


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