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Freeview 4G clearance retunes hit Caithness for April 24

Crofters on the cliffs of Caithness will be retuning their Freeview boxes on April 24 as commercial channels from the Rumster Forest transmitter move to a new frequency.

The COM6 multiplex (also known as ARQ B) moves from UHF channel 62 to channel 55, taking it out of the way of 4G mobile broadband transmissions.

That’s not a guarantee that anyone is launching 4G in Caithness – one of the most northerly points in mainland Scotland – it won’t cause problems if and when it gets there.

Freeview 4G clearance retunes hit Caithness for April 24
Rumster Forest was one of the first Freeview transmitters upgrade using a helicopter

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to the 4G Freeview FailCOM6 hosts Film4, 4Music, Yesterday, VIVA, Ideal World, ITV4, QVC Beauty, Rocks & Co, Sky Sports 1 & 2 for BT Vision/ESPN, 4seven, Argos TV, RT, three adult channels, portals for the Vision, CCTV, Sports and Racing TV broadband channels, and nine radio channels.

The signals will move at 6am, after which viewers can retune their Freeview TVs and boxes – there’s no need for Freesat or Sky satellite TV viewers to do anything.

Viewers using the Durness and Thurso relay transmitters will experience a short outage after 11am, but there will be no need to retune their kit.

Freeview HD equipment and much other kit will retune automatically, but older kit or anything without a Digital UK tick will need to be manually adjusted – our guide to how to retune your Freeview digital TV receiver will help.

The retunes are being conducted to clear UHF channels 61 and 62 – above 800MHz – for 4G mobile broadband which mobile operators have been sold space to use at these frequencies.

Where’s next?

Freeview muxes broadcast from the Tacolneston transmitter and its Kings Lynn relay – covering parts of Norfolk and north Suffolk – will be moved on May 1, 2013.

Image: Peter Bigwood and DSObod at mb21


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