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Freeview HD on your tablet promised in time for World Cup 2014

Freeview HD will be launching onto tablets in time for the World Cup with an official dongle and app that gives the full recording and on-demand experience.

The Motive Tablet TV is a dongle with a Freeview tuner and antenna, which connects to your tablet and turns it into a complete Freeview HD recorder.

They plan to launch the dongle and app in time for the FIFA World Cup from Brazil in June 2014, when the time difference is likely to make for alternatives to traditional sofa and pub-based viewing.

Freeview HD on your tablet promised in time for World Cup 2014
Motive Tablet TV will be the first officially-approved Freeview HD dongle

Motive’s CEO, Leonard M Fertig, said: “Recently it was reported that by the end of the year there will be 20 million tablets in use in the United Kingdom. 

“Bringing the Tablet TV features of watching and recording Freeview, using the Freeview program guides and interactive features, and getting additional on-demand content will be a very attractive viewing option for this large and rapidly growing audience.”

Although other Freeview dongles exist for tablets, notably Elgato’s EyeTV, they’re not officially approved by Freeview, and they don’t support Freeview HD channels.

Motive said its Tablet TV will meet the current standards of the D-Book – the technical Bible of Freeview HD – and undergo testing to allow it to carry the Freeview badge.

It will be able to record and play back like a Freeview HD set-top box, as well as supporting Red Button functions to launch on-demand video streams.

The dongle itself will be manufactured by icube of South Korea, but Motive wasn’t able to tell us which platforms it will support – Android will only need USB, but supporting iOS will require Apple’s cooperation to create an approved hardware interface, as well as iTunes approval for the app.

The Digital TV Group, which manages the D-Book and tests Freeview products to make sure they meet the spec, said it has spoken to other manufacturers about tablet adapters but Motive appears to be the closest to launching their product.


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