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Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams speaks out about Cyberbullying drama

Maisie Williams star of upcoming Channel 4 drama Cyberbully has spoken about her role and her personal experiences with online bullies. 

Williams, better known as Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, said that she’s been the subject of online bullying and like her character maintains an anonymous blog in order to freely vent her feelings. 

Speaking to Channel 4, Williams said: “Trolls on the Internet I encounter first hand all the time. As soon as someone finds something that you’re insecure about or that bothers you they will use that against you which is awful. And it’s easy to say ‘oh it’s just a troll, they don’t know you, it’s OK’ but it does hurt.” 

Cyberbully is set in the bedroom of Casey (Williams), who maintains an online presence under various pseudonyms. Her world is turned upside down when somebody accesses and takes control of her social media profiles. 

Shot in a series of long takes, the drama all takes place in Casey’s bedroom and features mock Skype conversations, Facebook and Twitter posts which chart her social media meltdown.  

The show follows in the footsteps of BBC drama Dixi. The online-only drama explored similar themes, featured selfie-style footage and was broadcast in a series of blog post-style episodes. 

Cyberbully hits Channel 4 on January 15 at 9:00pm and catch up on 4oD (soon to be renamed All4). You can watch a preview of the clip plus a short interview with Williams on Channel 4’s site now. 


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