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Get Chromecast for £10 when you buy Game of Thrones with Wuaki

Streaming service Wuaki is letting customers get a Chromecast streaming stick for just £10 when you buy an HBO TV series. 

Google’s TV streaming stick normally goes for £30 and lets you access services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more recently, Wuaki. 

If you sign up for Wuaki and shell out for any of the recently-added HBO shows, including Game of Thrones, True Detective and Girls, you’ll qualify for a £20 off the price of the HDMI streaming stick. 

Get Chromecast for £10 when you buy Game of Thrones with Wuaki
Affectionate siblings Tyrion and Cersei Lannister tear up the scenery in Game of Thrones

Wuaki says that most of its customers stream services on smart TVs, so letting buyers snap up Chromecast for less is a clever move – Chromecast is already a cheap way to convert a ‘dumb’ HD TV into a smart one and now it’s even cheaper. 

Josep Mitjà, co-founder of said: “Google’s Chromecast is a fantastic device, and we’ve already seen it is proving popular amongst our users in the UK and Spain. A high number of our users stream content directly to their SmartTVs, around 80 per cent, through our dedicated apps. 

“This agreement with Google to support Chromecast means even more users can enjoy our high-quality catalogue direct through the big screen, as well as on tablets, smartphones and games consoles.” 

Price-wise, this puts Chromecast with Wuaki on par with the Now TV Box, another cheap way to get HBO content on your screen with a monthly Entertainment pass

The costs of a TV show from Wuaki varies from show to show and depends whether or not you want the shows in standard definition or 720p HD. Each season of Game of Thrones for example is £17.99 to buy in SD or £23.99 in HD. The first and currently only season of True Detective is £13.99 to buy in SD and £18.99 in HD. 

Instead of downloading TV shows to own, Wuaki lets you stream episodes after you’ve bought a series for an unlimited amount of time for three years. 

Factor that in with the £20 you’d save on a Chromecast and you’re essentially getting the hardware to keep plus one HBO series of your choice. 


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