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Gigabit rural broadband provider Gigaclear to open up fibre network

Gigaclear, provider of gigabit FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) broadband to rural folk, has announced plans to open up its network. 

Thanks to a deal with ISP Fluidata, up to 50 ISPs will be able to make use of Gigaclear’s fibre footprint to sell superfast services to rural homes and businesses.

Gigaclear chief executive Matthew Hare says: “We committed to open up our ultrafast pure fibre networks to other ISPs for the benefit of our current and future customers.

Gigabit rural broadband provider Gigaclear to open up fibre network
Fibre to the Hooves: Rural folk can pony up for better broadband with Gigaclear

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Gigaclear“This integration with the Fluidata service exchange platform will allow a wide range of residential and business ISPs to seamlessly deliver their services over our networks. Over the next few months we will announce which ISPs will be offering their services across the Gigaclear networks.”

Gigaclear currently offers residential packages that start at £37/month plus call plans that start at £5.99/month with no line rental included. It also offers business and enterprise broadband which start at £59/month and £290/month respectively. 

The agreement with Fluidata will effectively see Gigaclear turning into a mini Openreach and will give those living and working in the sticks more choice. Fluidata signed a similar deal last year with Digital Region though given that network’s financial woes, it doesn’t look like anyone will benefit from that arrangement long term.

Gigaclear operates exclusively in remote rural locations that aren’t likely to see any investment from the likes of BT or Virgin Media and will only start digging in areas where there’s enough local interest. Extensive polling of residents means that Gigaclear will only dig in places where enough people want fibre-based broadband, guaranteeing a return on investment.

Earlier this year, Gigaclear completed construction of a full fibre network in Uppingham, Rutland and is working with a community project in Underriver, Kent

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