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Gigaclear tests ludicrously fast 5Gbps broadband service ahead of 2016 launch

Rural fibre ISP Gigaclear is trialling an insanely fast fibre broadband service that promises download and upload speeds of 5Gbps. Yes, you read that right. 

Gigaclear is trialling this ridiculously high bandwidth service with a selection of customers right now, with a view to making the service available to all of its customers early next year. 

The H5G and B5G packages, aimed at home owners and small businesses, are expected to cost £399/month and £1,500/month respectively. Presumably if you can afford to shoulder such costs, Gigaclear’s standard £100 connection fee will appear relatively paltry. 

Matthew Hare, chief executive at Gigaclear, admits that this beyond-bleeding edge service is more than a little on the pricey side but says that it’s worth every penny.  

Hare said: “We’re offering customers the chance to access absolutely phenomenal broadband speeds. To be clear, this is a premium service that gives the fastest internet speeds in the country to those of our customers who want the best connection that they can get – such as businesses and homeowners who require significant data transfer capabilities.”

While it’s true that not everyone will need 5Gbps today or even tomorrow, Hare argues that the right networks need to be place now in order to meet future demand. 

“It won’t be long before there’s a greater need for a 5Gbps service as connectedness becomes an ever more important part of our everyday lives. 

“By launching the trial of this 5Gbps service now, we are showing all our customers that we are delivering a future proof network today, one which won’t need to be updated even as their usage massively increased in the years to come.” 

For those who don’t want or need a 5Gbps service, Gigaclear also offers more modestly priced 100Mbps and 1Gbps symmetrical services. As and when the time comes for people to reach for more bandwidth, Gigaclear’s demonstrated that it’ll be able to provide that. 

Gigaclear specialises in setting up pure fibre broadband networks – every Gigaclear connection is an FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) line that doesn’t feature any copper connections in the last mile. In a nutshell, this means it’s capable of delivering faster download and upload speeds that are possible on FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) lines. 

The great majority of new superfast connections that have been set up by BT over the last few years use FTTC – although BT’s quietly growing an FTTP footprint on the side. Over the next five years, BT plans to roll out technology, which it currently expects will deliver download speeds of 500Mbps to most customers. 

BT also plans to offer gigabit FTTP broadband to millions of homes in the future and has already demonstrated that its network can comfortably deliver 10Gbps

Gigaclear’s networks are live in over 25 towns and villages across the UK and it’s on course to connect another 50 community projects. The majority of Gigaclear’s networks are currently concentrated in England’s home counties, but the ISP says it’ll go anywhere provided villages are close enough to a national fibre backbone link and there’s enough local interest for Gigaclear to make a return on its investment. 

The company has most recently started work connecting communities in Berkshire and firmed up plans for Hertfordshire, as part of the BDUK public-private partnerships. 

In the meantime, here’s a clip from Spaceballs, showing you what happens when ludicrous speed is messed with. 


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