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Fibre provider Gigaclear in trouble over broadband speed claims

Fibre broadband provider Gigaclear has been told off by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) over wording relating to top broadband speeds. 

Gigaclear had run an advert stating that all customers would receive the top speeds of their services at all times, with no mention of an ‘up to’. 

The ASA ruled that Gigaclear couldn’t prove that all of its customers would get the top speeds all the time and so has forced the rural ISP to take the adverts down.  

Fibre provider Gigaclear in trouble over broadband speed claims
Gigaclear’s fibre optic lines, unlike these pretty lights, deliver speeds of up to 1Gbps

Gigaclear argued that each customer would receive the stated speed capacity for the service they had purchased. Evidence supplied to the ASA showed that while for the great majority of customers this was the case, for a handful of customers it wasn’t. 

The ASA said in its ruling: “Whilst we acknowledged that the majority of the line-speed data demonstrated that the advertiser’s customers received the stated speed capacity, we were concerned that a number of instances, in the relatively small data sample, showed that Gigaclear’s customers did not achieve the stated speed capacity.” 

As the ASA considered the speed claims were absolute in nature and because Gigaclear’s evidence could not support those claims, the ASA concluded that the ad breached the code and it must not appear again in its current form. 

Gigaclear is an ISP that specialises in creating small FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) networks in rural communities. Gigaclear deliberataly target areas which aren’t due to be connected by the likes of BT, Virgin Media or any other company planning to bring superfast broadband to the area. 

The full fibre connections Gigaclear supplies are capable of delivering speeds of up to 1Gbps. Gigaclear’s entry level £37/month package provides access to a symmetrical service providing top download and upload speeds of 50Mbps. 

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