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Gimme Fibre Day to celebrate fibre broadband on November 4

There’ll be no room for fibre-to-the-cabinet when ultrafast broadband promoters celebrate the first Gimme Fibre Day on November 4.

The worldwide celebration is being organised by the Fibre To The Home Councils Global Alliance, a group of industry bodies dedicated to promoting FTTP (fibre to the premises).

It’s also the birthday of Nobel Prize-winning physicist Sir Charles Kuen Kao, known as ‘Father of Fibre Optics’, who laid the ground for today’s fibre optic networks.

Gimme Fibre Day to celebrate fibre broadband on November 4
“What do want? Fibre! When do we want it? In a reasonable timescale”

The FTTH Council for Europe has set up a website at and the I Want Fibre Facebook page, and is planning an email assault on selected European decision makers.

There will be an online streaming TV channel with videos, interviews and round-table discussions about fibre-to-the-home.

They’re also hoping for fibre broadband providers and community groups to set up events and send in videos for the Gimme Fibre website to use on the day.


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