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Glasgow arsonists melt superfast broadband cabinet

Around 350 homes in the East End of Glasgow were left without broadband after vandals set fire to a BT cabinet. 

Customers in Glasgow had to survive a week without internet a week after a mattress and some rubbish were set on fire beside a BT cabinet, melting copper cables inside the box. 

According to reports from the Glasgow Evening Times, the incident is believed to have taken place on Wednesday March 5 in Tollcross Road. Engineers have been working since the following morning to restore service to 350 customers who found their service suddenly cut off. 

BT engineers repaired some of the damage the day after the incident, and worked over the weekend to restore a temporary broadband service to others in the area, but some of those affected are still without internet six days after the fire. 

It was first thought that cable thieves were responsible for the loss of service, with BT and Crimestoppers offering a £1,000 reward for information. 

“Engineers are still at the site working to reconnect the last few customers and everyone should be back in service later today,” a BT spokesman told the newspaper.

“While it was initially thought this may have been an attempt at cable theft, it is now being viewed as either malicious or accidental damage.”

Wanton destruction is generally not the cause of broadband and phone outages – disruption is generally the result of extreme weather, people stealing the copper to sell on as scrap, road accidents and in some cases, vermin of the four-legged variety

Image: Geograph/Gordon Dowie


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