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Google launches ‘supervised users’ parental filters extension for Chrome

Google has announced a new feature for its Chrome browser called ‘supervised users’ which will let parents keep an eye on their children’s web history.  

By heading to on Chromebook laptops, parents can set up manager profiles for themselves and supervised profiles for their kids. 

As well as letting parents see what sites their children are visiting, this will also give them the power to restrict access to sites that aren’t approved. Google SafeSearch is enabled by default to minimise the chances of younger eyes seeing things they shouldn’t. 

Google launches ‘supervised users’ parental filters extension for Chrome
A snapshot of the Supervised Users control panel on Chrome – click to enlarge

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Parental Internet ControlsParents will have to specify which sites they want blocked. As the default setting allows new users to access all websites, managers will have to spend some time adding websites and creating block lists. 

Should a supervised user feel that a site has been unfairly blocked, they can formally request access. For example if a child wants to set up a Facebook account but they’re not old enough, a parent could unblock access to the social network when their child is 13 (Facebook users need to be 13 or above). 

In many ways this is similar to many options that are already available to parents. Both Windows and Mac machines come with a number of controls installed which let parents create profiles for their children and restrict what they can access. 

The supervised users is available now on all Google Chromebooks. A beta version is available for Windows, Mac and Linux versions of Chrome. 


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