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Google opens the floodgates for Chromecast app bonanza

Chromecast owners can look forward to a flood of apps after Google armed developers with a full suite of tools to develop for the TV dongle.

Hopefully, the worldwide update to Google Play services also heralds an international launch for Chromecast.

It follows the Google Cast software development kit release, which should make it easy for developers to add a Chromecast button to their apps.

Google opens the floodgates for Chromecast app bonanza
Chromecast is poised for a tsunami of compatible apps

Google posted: “Google Play services 4.2 is now rolled out to devices worldwide. The new release includes Google Cast APIs that let you bring content to the TV, updated Google Drive APIs, and more.”

Android fan site Phandroid reported that Google asked developers to hold back on Chromecast updates until the phone and tablet software update had rolled out.

Until now, apps have added Chromecast compatibility under individual partnership agreements with Google, with just 17 apps available although hundreds of developers were reported to have signed up.

It’s an improvement on the launch line-up of just four compatible apps – Google Play Movies, Google Play Music, YouTube and Netflix – but the next wave should dwarf this.

Video, music and photo apps will be first to take to Chromecast, but it’s uncertain whether the platform will support gaming.

Arcade-style games need very low latency that might not be achieved over WiFi with Chromecast’s resources – a problem that’s also struck Apple TV owners using Airplay.

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