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Greener Grass and Thick Thieves: Digital Voices 18/08/2012

Welcome to Digital Voices, the weekly round-up of the best of the comments from Recombu Digital. Got some beef with BT? Need to mouth off about Ofcom? Need to talk about TalkTalk? Let us know in the comments on our stories throughout the week – if your thoughts enlighten, amuse or entertain us you might earn some small measure of internet fame by seeing your words reproduced here in a future instalment.

Until then have a peruse of this week’s pearls of wisdom – Digital Voices for 18/08/2012.

Greener Grass and Thick Thieves: Digital Voices 18/08/2012

ISP moan of the week – Half a million homes losing 4Mbps of broadband speed, says TalkTalk

It seems the grass is always greener for just about everyone. Comments on a story about TalkTalk promoting its Bright Sparks service started with an inevitable anti-TalkTalk snark attack:

“Lies, damn lies and Talk Talk Statistics. This is just them trying to sell people a service. Talk talk couldn’t even competently sell their service to me, so I went with Plusnet and have never been happier,” said Lee Gibson.

Ken confided that “Plusnet were worse than TalkTalk for me,” while the enigmatic Countdown said:

“As someone has already said talk talk are all talk and no action. I moved back to BT after months of them throttling down my iPad and as soon as I moved I got another 3mb/s with the same wiring setup and installation… Now we are both on FTTC our speeds have gone up considerably.”

Now if we had a penny for every anti-BT comment we’ve got in the comments…

We’d also like to point out to Countdown that TalkTalk offers FTTC fibre broadband in the same places that BT does for an extra £10 a month on top of their usual rates. So you’d have been able to get a faster connection if you’d stayed with TalkTalk as well.

Anti-Thatcher comment of the week: Britain’s first 300Mbps fibre-only village unveiled

If it’s not people moaning about BT for not future proofing the UK’s broadband infrastructure, it’s people taking a swipe at the Iron Lady. Responding to itpro’s comment from a couple of weeks ago which read:

“this should’ve started ages ago! there is no excuse for that. There are countries in western and eastern europe where they had 100Mb/s second fibre optics since as far as 5 years ago. They just stalled all this time..It’s goint to take them ages to build the infrastructure. Expect at least 5 years”

The chirpy waxeh responded with a succinct: “Thatcher making telecoms private and refusing to invest caused the lag.”

Elsewhere we’ve had Big Bob exercising the CAPS LOCK KEY to complain about the demise of the steel industry thanks to the former PM.

Self-incriminating comment of the week – Virgin TV pirates’ ringleader stripped of more than £7,000 in illegal earnings

Commenting on a story about how a con man sold pirated Virgin Media boxes, someone called IkkleMe told the internet how he was conning Sky by not paying a penny in subscriptions.

“This has been going on with Sky for years,” said IkkleMe. “It’s nothing new. I myself have my own satellite receiver connected to a pay server at £25 for three months, and I get ALL the channels. If Sky were cheaper I’d happily subscribe to them. But as they’d rather charge as much as they possibly can I’ll stick to doing it my way for now.”

The old adage goes do what thou will shall be the whole of the law, with the proviso of don’t get caught applying. Sadly, IkkleMe signed off with a contact email address’ “UltraViolent at hush dot com.”


Telling it like it is Comments of the Week – BT’s killer RABIT foils copper cable thieves

JoeBloggs weighs in to one of our flamiest of stories on BT’s anti-cable theft measures, the so-called RABIT. In a thread that’s seen people stopping short of calling for the rounding up of Travellers and deporting them to penal colonies, Joe dispenses a couple of shots of wisdom.

Referring to stories of scrap metal dealers unscrupulously taking stolen BT cable and selling it, Joe regaled us of a story in which:

“Gormans Metals paid good money for it but they wanted to see photocard driving licences and we had to sign the ledger. Why aren’t all scrapyards like that?”

Elsewhere, Joe said that the reason for less visible police activity was because “a lot of the police are effectively on strike because they are disgruntled about pay and pensions reforms.”