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Half a million homes losing 4Mbps of broadband speed, says TalkTalk

More than half a million UK homes are losing out on roughly 4Mbps of broadband speed according to new research from TalkTalk.

The loss of speed is chiefly caused by poor home wiring and routers not being configured properly.

Other factors have an impact on speed reduction too. TalkTalk’s survey of 25,000 UK homes found that microfilters hadn’t been installed and in some cases people weren’t connecting their routers to the master socket.

Of the 25,000 homes visited, TalkTalk Bright Sparks engineers found that:

  •     31% – lost speed through poor wiring
  •     20% – needed routers set up or reconfigured
  •     17% – needed the phone socket properly set up
  •     14% – needed an ADSL broadband filter
  •     13% – had other problems such as customers not connecting routers to the master socket

TalkTalk commissioned the research as a way of promoting its Bright Sparks home engineers service.

TalkTalk customers who think they’re not getting the most out of their connection may be able to qualify for a free visit from a Bright Sparks engineer, which normally costs £50. Performing a line speed test on TalkTalk’s site helps to diagnose any problems. If your line is flagged as having errors then you’ll get a promo code which entitles you to a free visit.

TalkTalk Bright Sparks engineer Dan Downham said “You can lose anything up to 4 megabits per second of speed simply due to a poor in home set up. When you consider that the average home gets a broadband speed of 7.6 megabits per second, that’s an awful lot of bandwidth going to waste.

“People need to think of broadband in the same way as water and electricity. It’s a commodity that can go to waste if you’re not careful.”

Sorting these relatively small problems can help dramatically improve your broadband connection; something you should look into doing as you might not be getting what you’re paying for.

When you consider that a download speed of 3.2Mbps is needed to stream HD programmes from the BBC iPlayer, those with sub-broadband speeds missing out on a potential 4Mbps increase could really benefit from making sure their connection is optimised.

Whether you’re a TalkTalk customer or not, had a look at out guides on how to boost your broadband connection and how to set up a wireless home network.


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