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Hate PPI calls? Pick up the BT6500 spam slaying phone from BT

If like us you hate getting PPI spam calls every other second of the day then you’ll like what BT is doing with its BT6500 landline phone.

The BT6500 is designed to let you block calls from “Withheld” and “International” numbers or even specific numbers if you’re getting persistently spammed by the same people. By BT’s reckoning, you can block up to 80 per cent of unwanted calls with the BT6500.

Hate PPI calls? Pick up the BT6500 spam slaying phone from BT
This Machine Kills Phone Calls

Calls from payphones and numbers without caller ID can also be blocked, making the BT6500 an effective tool against harassing calls too.

According to Ofcom figures, more than 3,000 silent calls are received each month with 57 per cent of residents getting more than five of these particularly creepy calls a month.

As well as letting you cut out any calls from mystery numbers, the BT6500 also comes with a “Do Not Disturb” mode. This lets you switch off the ringer of the phone during certain parts of the day, with only select friends and family numbers saved to your VIP contacts list able to get through.

Parents can also block outgoing calls to specific mobile and premium rate numbers to help combat bullying or any expensive accidents, but still allow access to designated numbers via the Do Not Disturb feature.

The BT6500 phone is available to buy from BT, Argos and Amazon now for £44.99 or £69.99 for two. Those with a need for more phones can pick up three BT6500’s for £89.99 or four for £109.99. Tesco and Sainsburys will sell the phones from the end of the month.

The BT6510, which has a different design but the same functions, will be available in Currys and John Lewis from early March.


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