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Heatmiser launches Neo, the world’s first Windows Phone smart heating app

Smart energy firm Heatmiser has launched a Windows Phone version of its Neo app, making it the first company to give Nokia Lumia owners remote control of their heating. 

Similar to the iOS and Android versions, the Neatmiser Neo Windows Phone app lets you control the neoHub and neoStats products when you’re out and about. Depending on your set up, you’ll also be able change the temperature of individual rooms in your home. 

The new Neo app also lets you pin individual rooms to your phone’s homepage, letting you check each room’s temperature at a glance.  

HeatMiser launches world’s first Windows Phone smart heating app
And the heat goes on: Heatmiser’s Neo system can now be controlled from Windows Phones

Martyn Kay, director of Heatmiser UK said “We are proud to be the first company to offer a Heating Control App for Windows Phone. We believe the Windows Phone platform is a great platform with some unique features and a loyal user base.”  

If you’ve updated your phone to Nokia Black, you’ll be able to create a folder on your homepage, gathering all of your pinned rooms into one convenient place. Diving into the app itself will let you change the temperature in each room, manage heating zones and access heating graphs, letting you check your usage over days and weeks. 

As well as letting you control the temperature in individual rooms, Neo lets you create zones around your home, allowing you warm entire floors or sections of your home as you see fit. This means if there’s one or two rooms that get colder than others, you can have Neo heat up those rooms while keeping the rest of your house relatively cool. 

The Neo app also offers multi-zone control, multi locations in one app (main home and holiday home), multi-device control as well as being able to view live temperatures at the user’s home.

You can download the new Neo app from the Windows Phone Store now. You’ll need to be running at least Windows Phone 8 in order to use Neo. 


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