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Hey! Pikmin Tips and Tricks Guide: How to collect all of the Sparklium

Hey Pikmin is a challenging new puzzle game for Nintendo’s 3DS console, which sees you gathering Sparklium in order to escape the Pikmin’s home planet. Here’s our full tips and tricks guide for collecting all of the Pikmin, finding every secret level and completing the game.

What am I supposed to do in Hey Pikmin?

Hey Pikmin sees your helpless space commuter stranded on a strange alien planet after a drive malfunction, with no means of escape. His spaceship is a bit banged up, but even worse, it’s out of fuel.

Luckily, your clever ship AI quickly detects that the necessary fuel, Sparklium, can actually be found here on the planet. Not only that, but the place is inhabited by a bunch of friendly, if slightly cowardly, creatures known as Pimin. These colourful chums can help you to collect all of the Sparklium you require to escape orbit – 30,000 pieces in all.

How do I collect 30000 pieces of Sparklium??

Don’t worry, you won’t have to pick up tens of thousands of individual sparkly rocks to complete the game. Plenty of collectibles within Hey Pikmin can be broken down by the ship and converted into Sparklium, to quickly boost your total.

You’ll find three such objects in each level, which combine to give you 300 Sparklium when discovered.

In addition, your Pikmin can help to find you more Sparklium in the Park area, even when you’re not taking a break.

What is the Pikmin Park?

This is the area where your liberated Pikmin can frolic and play. Or more importantly, seek out more Sparklium for you to gather and stick in your spaceship.

Remember to return here regularly and check on your little chums. They’ll appear in the Northernmost section of the map when you complete each level, but can be dispersed to other areas to search for goodies. Some Pikmin types are better suited to specific sections, so only move them if you know they’ll do well in the new place.

Are there any secret or bonus levels in Hey Pikmin?

One of the best parts of Hey Pikmin is the number of secrets and bonuses hidden away inside the game. If you’re smart enough, you’ll uncover plenty of bonus levels, secret spots and other hidden challenges, all of which add significantly to your Pikmin or Sparkium total.

How do I find the hidden levels in Hey Pikmin?

Each area in the game contains at least one hidden bonus stage. These are optional to find and complete, although we recommend unlocking as many of them as possible. After all, they not only extend the length of Hey Pikmin’s gameplay; some of them also pose a serious challenge, which means a healthy dose of dopamine when you finally discover and beat them.

You’ll notice when you complete some of the levels that occasionally two branches appear out of it. One leads to the next stage in the sequence, while the other leads to nothing at all. This indicates that the stage you just beat contains a hidden exit to a bonus stage.

What you need to do is return to that stage and explore it more thoroughly. Somewhere along the way, you missed an area containing this secondary portal. Chances are it’s behind some kind of obstacle that needs be cleared by a set number of Pikmin. Make sure you save as many of the wee blighters as possible, to access these sections. 

Remember that you can call up a map of the stage at any time, using the left or right shoulder buttons. This can be a massive help in locating any unexplored sections which may be harbouring the hidden exit.

Sparklium Springs: What are they and what are the best tips for getting a high score?

Sparklium Springs are special bonus levels which are scattered around the various areas. These can be unlocked by completing certain levels in the game, at which point they appear on Hey Pikmin’s area map. They look like blue ovals.

In these bonus stages, your primary targets are the clocks and the red Sparklium. Each red Sparklium is worth three of the gold ones, so should be your main focus as soon as they appear. Large amounts of them tend to appear at the end of a level, hence you’ll want to collect all of the clocks to extend your available time and ensure you achieve a massive score.

Don’t simply tap manically, as you’ll run out of Pikmin quickly that way. Manoeuvre yourself beneath columns of Sparklium and launch a single Pikmin directly upwards in order to grab a load all at once.

Remember, these special bonus stages can only be attempted once before they’re locked. However, come back a couple of days later and they might be available to play again, to top up your Sparklium totals.

Secret Spots: What are they and what do I need to do?

As well as Sparklium Springs, you’ll also uncover Secret Spots by finishing certain levels in Hey Pikmin. These appear on the area map as a pink oval.

The aim of Hey Pikmin’s secret spots is to collect a coloured pellet. Each pellet needs to be lifted and carried by a set number of Pikmin in order to bag it – which means you’ll need to find and recruit all of the fuzzy little creatures that you come across.

These sections are short stand-alone puzzles. Completing them gives you a group of the coloured creatures to release in the park.

Remember, the more Pikmin in your park, the more Sparklium you’ll end up collecting. Which means these secret spots are well worth completing (and besides, they’re pretty good fun).

General Hey Pikmin tips, tricks and hints

Remember to always glance up at the top screen, rather than simply focusing on the bottom display. While most of the action takes place in the bottom half, you’ll miss some bonuses and other bits if you aren’t constantly surveying your surroundings.

One of the most crucial tips for Hey Pikmin is this: keep your colourful chums safe. Many of the game’s bonuses and secrets can only be accessed if you have a set number of Pikmin to move an obstacle, and even one or two meeting an early demise could close off these areas. As soon as you spy something dangerous, either run or take care of it!

Definitely don’t throw your Pikmin at the face of any of the larger creatures. They’ll be gobbled up in an instant. Time your move and strike when their arse is showing instead.

Don’t forget your jetpack, as it’s instrumental in solving many of the game’s puzzles. This can be used to give you a little bit of lift, as well as traverse any gaps that you come across. Just remember that your Pikmin can’t fly with you, so you’ll need to throw them to any far-off locations before activating your jetpack – or simply leave them where they are and collect them again later.


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