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Hive Recipes: Everything you need to know

With winter looming, smart home technology provider Hive has announced something called Recipes. Here is what they are, how they can help you and how to use them.

What are Hive Recipes?

Hive Recipes are simple instructions that can be used to make their Hive-powered smart home react how you want it to. This is the first series of Recipes that will be available within the Hive App used to control everything smart in yourhome.

How do I use Hive Recipes?

Go into the app and use the template you want. First, select the initial action you require (notify me when motion is detected, for instance), then choose what sensor, plug or lights you want it to apply to. Then select whether the recipe should switch said sensor, plug or light on or off. It is possible to choose how long something is on or off for, ranging from 30 seconds to indefinitely, so bear that in mind.

Can I schedule them?

Yes, some single recipes can have up to six on/off times, which means you can have three ‘active’ periods so it is entirely possible for recipes to work their magic solely at night, in the morning or evening – it is up to you and your habits.

So what is the benefit of Hive Recipes?

As a way to make your smart home cleverer, it doesn’t get much easier than with Recipes. Want the bathroom light to turn on when you open the door in the evening? No problem. How about the kitchen radio turning on when you leave the bedroom in the morning? Again, it is possible. Hive Recipes can even be used to heat a room more thoroughly if a certain person walks into a room, providing you have the Hive Active Heating system in your home.

Why are Hive Recipes a thing?

“With our own Recipes and our recent integration with IFTTT, we’re delighted to be able to give people even greater control of their homes, making their lives simpler and better, Kass Hussain of Hive said. “Now that we have a family of products, our customers can really start to personalise how their Hive responds to their needs. Hive Recipes is a key next step in continuing to help people get the most from the space they love best,” she added.

Why can’t I see Hive recipes in the app?

Because you need at least one Hive sensor product for the option to appear. No sensors, no need for recipes. Before all that, you will need the Hive Hub to connect all your Hive sensors and whatnot.

Where can I buy Hive sensors?

From the Hive website. A window or door sensor costs £29, the same as the motion sensor. For the Hive Active Heating kit, expect to pay £249. A Hive Active Light bulb costs £19. At the time of writing, you can buy three Hive products and get the Hub for half the typical price. Head this way for a look at the various products available.

How can I download the Hive app?

The app is a free download from the App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Microsoft Store so pick the right one for your phone, search ‘Hive’ and away you go. Just ensure your phone is new enough for the app or you may not be able to install it or even find it.

Can I control Hive using my voice?

You can although this requires the Amazon Echo speaker that has just been released in the UK (£149 or £99 for a limited period if you have an Amazon Prime account). Thanks to a partnership between Hive and the Amazon Alexa Voice Service – a Siri equivalent, basically – you can say, “Alexa, tell Hive to set the temperature to 22 degrees”, and it will do just that. Hive accounts for more than 80 different phrase requests so apparently it is entirely possible to say: “Alexa, tell Hive ‘let there be light’.”

Is Hive any good?

A lot has changed since we reviewed Hive back in 2013, but you can gain an idea of how it all works and what to expect here. We will be giving the service another thorough review in the near future so stay tuned.


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