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How can I get free O2 Wifi? Free WiFi hotspots around the UK

How can I get free O2 Wifi?

Latest news for O2 WifiO2 has an extensive network of free public WiFi hotspots which are available to everyone, regardless of whether you’re an O2 Broadband or O2 Mobile customer.

Popular high street venues like McDonalds, Costa Coffee and Debenhams come with free O2 Wifi for you to use when you’re out and about.

O2 Wifi is free to use. There are no contracts, no payments or hidden charges and no obligation - the only thing you need to do is register, which requires a mobile number and an email address.

How can I get free O2 WiFi? iPhone and Android apps lets you sniff out free hotspots

How do I register for O2 Wifi?

How can I get free WiFi with O2 Broadband?To register for O2 Wifi, head over here and enter your mobile number. You’ll be sent a text message with a four digit code which you then enter when prompted. When we registered the first time, O2’s site flashed up a message saying that it registration had failed - so naturally we hit resend a couple of times.

Enter your mobile number, O2 will send you an invite code.

This ended up with us eventually getting sent three separate invite codes via text. If this happens to you, make sure to use the last code (i.e. the most recent) sent to you as the earlier codes won’t work. We’re an impatient lot - if you don’t immediately get an invite code texted to you, wait for a few seconds.

When you’ve got your invite code, enter this into the relevant text field on O2’s site and you’ll be taken to a contact form page.

Fill in a few personal details (postcode, your full name, your email address) and create your O2 Wifi password.

Once this is done you’re all set and ready to start using O2 Wifi.

How can I get free WiFi with O2 Broadband?How do I use O2 Wifi on my mobile phone, iPad, tablet or e-reader?

Connecting to O2 Wifi is the same whether you’ve got an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android phone or tablet.

When you’re in a venue or location where there’s O2 Wifi, turn WiFi on on your device and select/add ‘O2 Wifi’ from the list of available hotspots.

Once this is done, open up a window in your phone or tablet’s browser. You should see an O2 Wifi page. Follow the instructions until you get to a Welcome page - enter your email address and password here. Once this is done you’re connected and good to go.

How do I use O2 Wifi on my laptop?

The of connecting to O2 Wifi on your laptop is basically the same as how to connect your phone or tablet.

Check that your laptop’s WiFi setting is turned on and connect to O2 Wifi like normal. Open up an internet browser (O2 WiFi works with Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox) and you should see an O2 Wifi page.

From here follow the on screen instructions until you get to a page where you’re prompted to enter your email and password. Once this is done you’re free to use O2 Wifi.

How do I use O2 Wifi in Costa?

Costa's set up is a little different. You don't need to have an O2 Wifi password or to go through the same registration process. All you need to do is connect to an O2 Wifi point in Costa as normal and follow the on screen instructions which pop up:

How can I get free WiFi with O2 Broadband?

Enter your mobile number as before and you'll be texted a four digit code. Enter this in the field on the next screen and you'll get 30 minutes of free WiFi.

If you've got a Costa Coffee card and you've registered it here you can enter your card number instead of the code that gets sent to your phone.

How can I get free WiFi with O2 Broadband?

Is there a time limit on using O2 Wifi?

This depends on the venue you’re in. In Costa venues for example, you get free use of O2 Wifi for 30 minutes. If you’re a Costa Coffee Club member, you get unlimited use.

Debenhams, McDonalds and Harvester venues don’t have a time limit on O2 Wifi use.

Is there a download limit on using O2 Wifi?

There’s no set download limit for users but in an FAQ section of the O2 Wifi site that’s for businesses, O2 states that ‘We have a fair usage policy that caps your download limit at 10GB.’

This 10GB is for the venue and not for customers, which is why in some places like Costa, where you’re perhaps more likely to sit down with your laptop and maybe do a bit of work, you’re incentivised into buying a coffee and signing up for the Coffee Card scheme in order to get unlimited WiFi use.

Where exactly can I get O2 Wifi?

There’s over 3,000 O2 Wifi hotspots in the UK. Below is a link to O2’s Wifi postcode checker (so you can find out if there’s any O2 Wifi near your office or home).

O2 Wifi is available in the following high street venues:

Crown Carveries, Costa, Debenhams, Ember, McDonalds, Metro Professionals, Miller & Carter, Nicholson’s, Premium Country Dining Group, Sizzling Pubs, Village Pub & Kitchen.

Launched to coincide with the London 2012 Olympic Games, O2 also provides free public WiFi across the Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea areas of London.

We’ll update this section as O2 Wifi continues to roll out across the UK.

Latest news for O2 Wifi

iPhone and Android apps lets you sniff out free hotspots

O2 has launched new O2 Wifi apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that lets you see where the nearest O2 Wifi hotspots are at a glance.

All that’s needed once you’ve downloaded the app is a single sign-up and you’ll be automatically connected whenever you’re in range of an O2 Wifi hotspot, no logins, usernames or passwords are needed.

The maps work offline as well as online and will give you sat-nav style directions to the nearest hotspots if you’re desperate for some free wireless internets.

The O2 Wifi app is available to download now for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches running iOS 4.0 or higher and Android devices running 2.2 Froyo.

November 20, 2012

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