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How can I get Netflix on TalkTalk TV?

Good news everyone! Netflix is coming to TalkTalk TV. The bad news is, it’s not available just yet. 

While TalkTalk says the service is expected to land early in the new year, that adds up to an agonising few months of waiting.

For those who can’t wait there’s a few things you can do in the meantime. First of all, you can register your interest with TalkTalk if you want to a heads up of when Netflix is on TalkTalk TV. We’ll go through how you do that below as well as explore some other options. 

How can I get Netflix on TalkTalk TV?
‘Yo Mr. White, when are we getting up in this TalkTalk thing?’

Letting TalkTalk know you want to be first in line to get Breaking Bad, The Killing and Orange Is The New Black is a easy – just head over here, enter your email address and you’re done. Once Netflix is available you’ll be pinged an email from TalkTalk. 

For existing customers with TalkTalk TV, once Netflix is ready your YouView set-top box should update automatically. 

If you seriously can’t wait until TalkTalk updates its boxes, you can snap up a Chromecast for just £30. If you’ve got an Android or iOS phone or tablet that can run the Netflix app, then you get watch it on your TV via Chromecast

Admittedly it’s an extra expense but if you’re desperate for Netflix on your TV it’s a simple option in the meantime. 

While you don’t benefit from things like YouView’s enhanced search, Netflix’s own search enhancements compensate for this. Chromecast also lets you access a host of other apps like YouTube, Pluto.TV, Blinkbox plus Now TV’s entertainment, movies and sports. Roku’s Streaming Stick also comes with Netflix access and currently costs around £40. 

How much will Netflix cost on TalkTalk TV? 

Netflix hit BT TV at the beginning of November, launching in tandem with a TV, phone and Infinity broadband deal – which gives you all three services plus Netflix for £5.99/month for the first six months – plus line rental at £16.99/month – and £15/month for the remaining 12 months. 

TalkTalk hasn’t revealed whether it will be offering an all-in-one bundle for new customers like BT is. Until we hear more details of exciting deals we expect that the standard cost of Netflix – £5.99/month for existing customers – will apply. 


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