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How can I watch movies for free?

With the government’s clampdown on illegally distributed content, it’s a good idea to find ways to get your hands on movies legally, but if you dont want to pay, you’re limited on how you can find it and download or stream it.

Whether this is by taking advantage of free trials, scouring the web for free content or watching something independent, supported by advertising, you’re sure to find something to keep you entertained throughout Christmas and beyond.

Find Any Film does exactly that – allowing you to choose where you want to download

Completely free content

If you’re willing to search through lots of content to find a free movie online, your best bet is to use Find Any Film. You can just search for the title of a film and then it’ll throw up a list of films and their prices from the full range of video streaming services, DVD and other ways of getting your peepers on it.

You can then choose the place you want to watch it, but obviously, this may include signing up to a subscription in the first place and it’s not guaranteed to be free.

If you’re happy to explore independent films rather than new Hollywood blockbusters, you can search through Indie Movies Online to find something of interest. 

Free trials

To watch a specific film you have in mind, you can make use of free trials on some of the country’s leading services. You’ll probably have to pay for the gooduns on Amazon Prime Instant Video, but you may find that Netflix, IndieFlix and NowTV have something you want to watch.

Amazon Prime Instant Video costs £79 a year or £5.99/month after the 30 days free trial ends. This is the same as the deal with Netflix that will set you back £5.99/month after the month’s free trial.

IndieFlix will set you back $5/month (£3.20/month) after a two-week trial and to get onboard with Now TV, you’ll already need to have a Now TV subscription, but the trial will last for 30 days and after that you’ll need to start paying a comparatively larger £9.99/month.

If you fancy trying any of these services, you’ll have to enter your payment details when signing up, so if you really only want to trial it, set a date in your calendar to cancel membership before you have to start paying.

Ad-supported film platforms

If you’re totally sure you don’t want to pay for movies at all, why not check out an ad-supported film platform such as Viewster or PopcornFlix?

Both platforms showcase original content, so you’ll have to search hard to find any Hollywood films or well-known classics.

Viewster covers genres such as anime, drama, crime, comedy and factual documentaries in a range of different languages. It’s available on the website or you can watch content on Android or iOS devices, plus it comes preinstalled on a range of smart TVs (including Sharp, Toshiba, Panasonic and Samsung) and Roku.

PopcornFlix is owned by media provider Screen Media Ventures and includes content in the horror, crime, drama, action and comedy sectors. There is also a staff picks section to guide you towards the best quality films. It’s available on iOS, Android, amazon Fire and Kindle, Roku, Xbox, Samsung smart TVs and BlackBerrys.

Watching your DVD collection digitally

If you already have a crusty Blu-Ray collection, you can sign up to a Blinkbox account and store all your DVDs in your own digital locker to watch on a range of devices. All you need to do is enter the code that came with the DVD and voila! a digital version is ready for you to stream via Blinkbox. New films are also available on Blinkbox, but you’ll have to pay to watch most of them and it’s a pretty pricey service in comparison to rival services including Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Cashback sites

Although you’ll have to splash the cash in the first place, a lot of cashback sites offer money back when you sign up to media streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant video.

At the moment, Quidco is offering cashback on DVDs bought from Zavvi, while Top Cashback is giving £13.12 cashback when you sign up to Now TV. Blinkbox is also offering cashback through Top Cashback and Quidco, although at £2.31, it’ll barely get you one free download.

You can also get between £139 and £174 off packages with Sky on Quidco, but when you break it down, it’ll only contribute around £10 a month off your subscription.

For other more interesting offers, it’s best to sign up to the cashback sites to get the deals hitting your inbox as they happen.


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