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How fast? Huawei blasts cobwebs away in 10Gbps WiFi lab test

How fast is your wireless router? Chances are it’s not as fast as the units Huawei’s been testing – the Chinese firm has announced a successful transmission of 10.53Gbps WiFi. 

Huawei tested the speeds on the 5GHz band, which is currently used by the dual-band WiFi routers like BT’s Home Hub 5 and TalkTalk’s forthcoming super router

The Shenzhen-based company, perhaps better known in the UK for their Android phones, says that the speeds are ten times as fast as WiFi ac gear that’s commercially available today. 

How fast? Huawei blasts cobwebs away in 10Gbps WiFi lab test
Ludicrous Speed: Huawei throws on the hyperdrive with its demo of 10Gbps+ WIFi

Huawei says that this hardware would mainly be used in high-density public environments like shopping malls and stadiums, so it’s more likely you’d connect to one of these in the high street or maybe at Man City’s grounds

As for when you’ll be able to buy or connect to one on your Apple iPhone 17S, Huawei expects that hardware capable of such speeds will be on the market by 2018. Standards will need to be agreed and regulatory hurdles will need to be cleared before production can begin and 

The Huawei announcement hasn’t mentioned if any tests were done on the lower 2.4GHz band, nor did it mention how many WiFI channels on the 5GHz band were needed to acheive 10.53Gbps. 


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