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How to fix the infamous Xbox One 50Hz judder

The new Xbox One may be plagued with teething trouble post launch, but enterprising souls have fixed one problem for now. 

Only days after launch, users of the new Xbox One reported that when an external TV source was hooked up to the console, the resulting picture had a judder. 

The main cause of the issue seemed to have been a difference in television standards. In the US, television pictures have a refresh rate of 60Hz, while in Europe and the UK, this is 50Hz. Currently the Xbox One has a default refresh rate of 60Hz, meaning that frames have to be dropped or skipped using a process called frame rate conversion so a picture can be displayed. However, this leads to a juddering picture as a significant side effect. 

According to reports from HDTVtest, a workaround has been developed. While there is no setting to force the Xbox One into running at 50Hz, the website details a way of tricking it into doing so. 

This fix requires navigating to the console’s display setting menu to make the console auto-detect the HDMI connection. Whatever resolution the console has been set to (720 or 1080p), choose the other one. When you are asked if the screen is displaying correctly, click on ‘no’. This will force the console to run in 50Hz mode and will get rid of the judder. 

There is no word from Microsoft as to whether a software update to fix the problem is in the offing. 


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