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How to get Amazon Prime Instant Video on your Android phone

Amazon has finally made Prime Instant Video available on all Android phones. This is great news – previously you could only get the streaming service on iOS or Kindle devices. 

Unfortunately, it’s not a simple case of opening Google Play and searching for Prime Instant Video. 

There’s a bit of a process you’ll have to go through if you want to get Prime Instant Video on your Android phone. Luckily for you, we’ve gone through everything and now we’re going to tell you how to do it. 

Now you can check out the excellent Extant on non-Kindle Android devices
Now you can check out the excellent Extant on non-Kindle Android devices

How to get Prime Instant Video on regular Android – Install Amazon Appstore for Android

If you’ve got Amazon Appstore installed on your Android phone you can simply search for ‘Prime Instant Video’ here. Tapping on the green Prime Instant Video icon will redirect you to the Amazon shopping app. 

In case you’ve not got Amazon Appstore installed, here’s how you get it. 

Select ‘Unknown Sources’ from the Settings menu of your device

You can’t get Amazon Appstore from Google Play. What you’ll need to do instead is install it directly on your phone from your browser. 

Before you can do that, you’ll need to make sure you’re able to install Android app files (APKs) from outside of Google Play. If you’ve not done this already, head into Settings > Security and then make sure the Unknown Sources box is ticked. 

Head over to Amazon’s site on your phone or tablet’s browser

Once that’s done, head over to Amazon’s site on your browser and start downloading Amazon Appstore. Accept all the permissions and start downloading that. It’s about 13MB in size so it shouldn’t make a huge dent on your monthly plan. 

You can download Amazon Appstore from Amazon

When it’s installed, open it up and enter your Amazon details as normal. 

Search for ‘Prime Instant Video’ in Amazon Appstore, find what you want and start watching

Once Amazon Appstore is set up on your device, type ‘Prime Instant Video’ into the search bar and you should see the green icon popping up in search results. Hit this and you’ll be redirected to the Amazon shopping app, where all of the Prime Instant Video content is stored. 

It’d be much easier if Amazon simply released a standalone Android app on Google Play, like it’s done with the iOS app

Until that happens, you’ll need to resort to either of the above methods to get your favourite shows on your phone or tablet. 


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