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9 essential things to do when you setup your new Sony PS4 Slim

How to get started with your new Sony PS4 Slim: Nine essential things to do as soon as you connect your shiny PS4 console to your telly.

The living room carpet is obscured underneath a layer of Christmas wrapping paper and your turkey is still being nuked, which must mean it’s time to play with those presents. If you’ve managed to snaffle a new Sony PlayStation 4 Slim from a generous gift giver, good for you. Now it’s time to set your console up and get ready for some hot gaming action.

You could just plug in and get playing, sure. But if you really want to get the most out of your shiny new PS4 Slim, the following tips and tricks are a must. From charging your controller less often to finding the best and most affordable games easier – this guide is here to help.

Before you begin your button bashing, try out these setup tips so you’re off to the best possible start with the wonderful world of PS4.

How to get started with the PS4 Slim: Charge your controller and dull its light

You could start playing right away as your PS4 controller should come with a bit of charge, but you can also plug the controller into a USB port on the console and juice it up as you setup everything else.

One great trick is to reduce the brightness on the controller’s light, to help you save battery in the long run. This also lowers the annoying reflection in the TV you get with that frankly irritating light.

How to get started with the PS4 Slim: Setup your Wi-Fi

Yes, the setup process of any console these days is a little more complicated than it once was, but it’s worth doing right. Don’t skip any essential steps.

Setting up your WiFi is one of those essential steps, as you’ll need to be online to sign up for a Sony PS account (see the next step), download updates and of course play a spot of multiplayer gaming.

How to get started with the PS4 Slim: Setup your Playstation Network online account

If you’re not already a member of the PlayStation Network, it’s well worth signing up. Sure Sony has famously been hacked over the years, but thanks to those breaches it’s now more secure than ever. Also you don’t have to give payment details if you don’t want to.

What you get from an online account is a live homepage updated over your internet connection, to allow for alerts about new games, updates for the ones you already have and social interactions with other gamers. Streaming via video app services is another big plus.

How to get started with the PS4 Slim: Turn on Rest Mode

One of the really cool features about the PS4 is Rest Mode. This allows you to turn off the console, without fully turning off. That means the machine will go into low power standby, saving you juice while at the same time offering some serious advantages.

For instance, Rest Mode lets you continue to charge your controller and also continue to download updates and games while the console appears off. Then – and we love this most of all – when you come back to play some more, simply tap the PS button on your controller and carry on near instantly from where you left off – as if you’d just paused the game and unpaused. Genius.

How to get started with the PS4 Slim: Get a PS Plus account

If you sign up to PS Plus it’ll cost you just over £3 per month. This is worth it. After all, you get free games to enjoy, which are usually really good.

Yup, the PS Plus account will grant you two free games for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita each month. If you still aren’t convinced then give it a free 14-day trial to see what you think, via the PlayStation Store.

How to get started with the PS4 Slim: Use Sony’s app

If you download the PlayStation App on your iPhone or Android smartphone, it can help you use the console.

Sony’s app, once paired with your console, can be used to control it like a remote. This is great if you’ve got the DualShock 4 controller plugged in charging. It’s also really helpful if you’re searching for things and need to use the phone’s keyboard to type.

And if you have a Sony smartphone, you can get involved with Remote Play to stream your game to your mobile’s screen – great news if you like playing in bed.

How to get started with the PS4 Slim: Hook up Spotify for a new gaming soundtrack

If you want to blast your own soundtrack while gaming, you don’t need to fire up another device. You can simply use your Spotify account right there in-game.

All you need to do is sign into the Spotify app in the console then the in-game music will automatically be faded out. If you want to change tracks mid-game, just double tap the PS button to bring up controls that lets you skip around or change volume easily.

How to get started with the PS4 Slim: Get some good apps

The Sony PS4 app store is really very decent these days. Now you can get all your viewing needs streamed through the console, pretty much.

There’s Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Demand 5, BBC Sport, Now TV, All 4 and plenty more. Thanks to multitasking you can jump between video streams and gaming instantly, with pausing made simple. Say goodbye to your free time.

How to get started with the PS4 Slim: Sign into your social accounts

Sharing game video clips or screenshots is super easy on the PS4. The best way to do this is via already signed-in accounts. So get your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and whatever logins at the ready, to make sharing as easy as a button tap or two when gaming.


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