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How to stream torrents on Apple TV: Download TorrenTV

Open source service TorrenTV is making streaming torrents to your Apple TV easy. 

Once you’ve got Torrent TV installed, getting movies to play on Apple TV is a simple case of dragging and dropping torrents into a window on your desktop and the software will do the rest. 

You can even stream media as it’s being downloaded, as long as there’s enough information in the torrent to allow for it to play. 

TorrentTV promises to make streaming torrents on your TV easy - albeit not in any way legal
TorrentTV promises to make streaming torrents on your TV easy – albeit not in any way legal

TorrentTV will also work with magnet links, file types which are starting to pop up on sites like The Pirate Bay, as well as any media you’ve already downloaded – legitimately or otherwise. 

Speaking to TorrentFreak, a developer known as Carlos said that Torrent TV builds on Popcorn Time, a service that’s been dubbed ‘Netflix for pirates’ and adds a few twists. 

Carlos said: “Popcorn Time is beautiful in code and in looks but I wanted to do two things that PopcornTime didn’t allow me, watch movies directly on my TV and add new torrents which Popcorn Time doesn’t have yet.” 

While Popcorn Time is compatible with Chromecast, meaning you can watch movies on your TV, but a crucial difference is that TorrentTV doesn’t include an index of content. 

Carlos says that he purposefully didn’t include the feature, to avoid the ire of the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). Earlier this month, the MPAA forced hosting service GitHub to remove Popcorn Time code

That said, TorrentTV has been developed using Popcorn Time code and is built on the same Peerflix client. Whether or not this will see the MPAA able to enforce a similar ban remains to be seen. 

TorrenTV is available to download for Mac, Windows and Linux. Future plans include getting the service signed off by Roku (a download is available, but it hasn’t been approved) and adding Chromecast functionality. 


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