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How to watch the Champions League final in Virtual Reality at home

This year you can enjoy the UEFA Champions League final in glorious virtual reality on your smartphone, courtesy of BT, for a fully immersive experience. Here’s how to claim your free VR headset and watch the final match with 360-degree freedom.

The massive final game between Juventus and Real Madrid in this year’s Champions League football tournament is set to air on Saturday June 3. You can of course watch the final for free at home on Freeview (on the BT Sport Showcase HD channel), as well as via Sky and Virgin Media. However, this year BT is offering a fresh new way of enjoying the action – a 360-degree immersive VR experience, right in your home.

Using just your humble mobile phone and a basic VR headset, you can watch the Champions League final in full virtual reality. You’ll feel as if you were actually at the stadium, especially if you get a close friend or family member to scream foul comments behind you and occasionally nudge you with their elbows.

Best of all, BT is giving away free cardboard VR headsets for enjoying the match at home. These work with both Android and iPhone devices and can be grabbed today from the London Waterloo, London Liverpool Street and Birmingham New Street train stations. Alternatively, you can pick one up from any EE store – as long as stocks last.

Check out our guide on getting started with VR for more information on using your mobile phone with a VR headset, including how to get set up and the best mobile virtual reality experiences right now. And if you miss out on BT’s free VR headset offer, fret not. You can bag yourself a great cheap VR set direct from the likes of Google.

Ahead of time you’ll also want to download the BT Sport VR app, onto your Android or iOS phone. When the Champions League final is set to begin, simply open the app and follow instructions to get the 360-degree feed up. Slot the phone inside your headset and get ready for hot footy action. Back of the net, eat my goal!


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