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Panasonic’s IFA 2014 spinning spoon and magic make-up mirror give the smart home a smile

Panasonic put some fun into the po-faced tech demos of IFA 2014 with its smart induction hob and a mirror which helps with your make-up.

The Japanese brand doesn’t push its home technology credentials much in the UK, but the smart home concept room at the centre of its show stand was full of innovation.

A smart kitchen full of cameras in useful places sat alongside a connected living room where the TV was the hub of your activity. 

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, how would I look as an emo?
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, how would I look as an emo?

The clever kitchen demo revolved around a smart induction hob which could stir liquid in a pan by rotating power through the induction elements in the surface.

Panasonic’s engineers have also realised that an induction hob can also power other devices placed on it – just like a wireless mobile phone charger – so they’ve created a grill unit and a blender which both draw power from the surface below.

Also in the smart kitchen: an oven with a camera which shows how your cooking’s doing and how long’s left, and a dishwasher with a camera to show you when it’s clean (we’re not sure about that last one).

Panasonic's smart hob takes induction to the next level
Panasonic’s smart hob takes induction to the next level

In the living room, a 4K Ultra HD tells you how that roast chicken’s doing, and also indicates when you’ve got emails and how much your Tesla car has charged – did we mention that Panasonic produces batteries for the Tesla?

The final treat in Panasonic’s smart home concept showroom is a mirrored 4K ultra HD screen with a built-in 4K camera.

That’s something we’ve already seen on Toshiba’s stand, but instead of serious health information, the Panasonic concept paints make-up onto your face. 

You can pick from a range of palettes and styles to see how you’ll look with a bit of glitter around the eyes or a different shade of lip gloss.

Now all it needs is robot hands to apply the make-up and the future will be here, along with the more conventional home network system Panny was showcasing.

Sadly, this collection of app-connected security sensors, cameras and smart switches isn’t yet scheduled for the UK, although competing tech from Devolo and D-Link will be coming here soon.


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