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IKEA Uppleva TV remote and interface surfaces (video)

IKEA Uppleva TV remote and interface surfaces (video)IKEA’s Uppleva TV isn’t coming out in the UK for a least another year. But that’s no reason not to salivate over the latest Uppleva product video, which shows off a sliding remote control and a closer look at the TV’s user interface.

The remote control at a first glance looks like your basic TV remote. But much like the mobiles of yesteryear, there’s a secondary sliding panel which pops out to reveal a numeric keypad, meaning there’s more room on the top deck for things such as volume controls and directional keys.

Though it looks nice we’re feeling a little cautious about this design choice. 

It looks like it’d be tricky to hold in one hand if you wanted to use the number keys; the sliding section looks a little flimsy. Looks can be deceiving though. We’ll have no idea how it shapes up until we hold one ourselves.

We’ve also got a closer look at the IKEA Uppleva’s UI and where those YouTube and Vimeo apps will be hiding. We’d only previously caught a glimpse of the menus in this previous video. But at around the 4:30 mark we get to see for the first time a live (albeit brief) demo of the UI.

Designer Francis Cayouette doesn’t reveal much more other than “We have created a very simple interface where you have very simple icons guiding you to the different functions,” and that there’s been an emphasis on paring things down and keeping it streamlined in true IKEA style.

The main emphasis of the video is the aesthetics. That’s hardly surprising given that it was shot at the Milan Furniture Fair back in April. Hopefully as the units start appearing on shelves in mainland Europe we’ll start to hear a bit more about the performance of the Uppleva TV rather than its admittedly fetching looks.