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Superfast broadband notspot survey to find UK’s worst internet access

Are you in the internet slow lane? Independent ISPs want you to register so they can show government where it needs to spend superfast broadband funds.

The Independent Networks Co-operative Association (INCA) is hoping to identify ‘notspots’ where there’s poor broadband service so public funds can be redirected to those areas that need it most.

The government has stumped up more cash for rural broadband projects with an additional £250m central funding amongst local authorities, which councils are expected to match and create a pot of £500m to extend superfast broadband coverage.

Superfast broadband notspot survey lets you identify the UK's worst internet access
A river runs through it, but no broadband

“Further government funding to extend superfast broadband into the hardest to reach areas is very welcome,” said David Cullen, chair of Inca and a director of the ITS Technology Group. 

“There are many companies and community projects eager to get involved and help deliver a truly world-class digital infrastructure for the whole of the UK.

“The Notspot Registration Scheme will identify pockets of pent-up demand, helping private sector providers and local councils direct their efforts to best effect.”

Inca said that alternative providers delivering fibre, wireless or satellite broadband are well placed to fill in many of the gaps, often more cost-effectively than BT. 

The organisation said that individuals and businesses needed to call out poorly connected areas that need help getting superfast broadband.

Organisations, firms and people can register their notspot information on Inca’s website.

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