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Internet Watch Foundation takes down 100,000th child abuse website

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) has shut down the 100,000th child abuse site since it began its campaign back in 1996. 

The charity has announced that since it began its work, the UK hosted roughly 18 per cent of the child abuse sites that were known to authorities. Since 2003, this figure has dropped to 1 per cent. 

Susie Hargreaves, IWF CEO, said: “Taking action against 100,000 web pages hosting child sexual abuse content requires the skills and dedication of many individuals and organisations.” 

Internet Watch Foundation acts against 100,000th child porn website
Since 1996, the UK-based Internet Watch Foundation has shut down 100,000 websites

“More than 100 organisations actively support the IWF’s work and vision and act quickly to remove some of the worst types of abuse online. We’re grateful for this support, because without it, our work would be more difficult and removing content would take more time.”  

The IWF operates within the UK and is mainly concerned with the takedown of UK-hosted paedophile sites. When any child sexual abuse site is reported to the IWF that’s outside the jurisdiction of UK law, the IWF sends details of sites to INHOPE, an international association of internet hotlines. 

It’s estimated that 54 per cent of child sexual abuse sites are hosted in North America and 37 per cent in Europe and Russia. Earlier this year, the IWF, working with INHOPE was able to see an Argentinian paedophile ring broken up, resulting in 64 adults being charged. 

The IWF is supported by the UK’s biggest ISPs including BT, Virgin Media, Sky and TalkTalk. We’ve covered the various ways in which parents can use the built-in safety features and/or supplied software to make internet access safer for their children. 

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