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Interview with Raules Davies: Star of Virgin Media and CBS Action’s Star Trek app

Interview with Raules Davies: Star of Virgin Media and CBS Action’s Star Trek appOff the back of yesterday’s news on the interactive Star Trek app landing on Virgin Media TiVo set top boxes, we had the opportunity to fire some questions in the direction of Raules Davies, professional Trekologist and star of the new app.

On Monday Raules will be taking part in a live chat on Twitter to celebrate the launch of Star Trek: Voyager on CBS Action. Until then, here’s our brief Q&A session with the man himself, Salford’s first member of Starfleet:

Recombu Digital – There’s plenty of good stuff in this app. Could you tell us a bit more about your involvement with it?

Raules Davies – Yes, it’s the first app of its kind and I’ve been involved with the creation of the content. I host a fun interactive monthly quiz which allows users to test their knowledge against mine and try to beat me to gain their Starfleet ranking, all the way from Cadet to Captain. I also introduce our brand new exclusive game ‘Supertreks’ where viewers can select their favourite Enterprise crew member and watch videos showcasing their top five skills, giving further insights into their favourite characters from The Original Series. It’s great fun.

Recombu Digital – How much of the original series will CBS Action be broadcasting?

Raules Davies – I’m happy to say CBS Action will be showing all 3 seasons of Star Trek: The Original Series, all digitally remastered, and if you happen to miss an episode you can watch it on our Catch Up Service on the app. I’m also thrilled to announce that CBS Action will be premiering Star Trek: Voyager on the channel from Monday 2nd July at 8pm.

Recombu Digital – Does this include the infamous ‘Kirk versus Gorn’ episode?

Raules Davies– You speak of Arena! Yes we will be showing this episode. It is legendary.

Recombu Digital – Did you get to work with any of the original cast?

Raules Davies – Yes, I was incredibly excited to get an opportunity to interview the original cast, including, William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols to name but a few. You can see them all on the app very soon.

Recombu Digital – Are there plans for a similar app for The Next Generation and other Star Trek series?

Raules Davies – Working with the cast and crew on this app has been an incredibly exciting journey. It’s great to give Star Trek fans deeper insights into the greatest television sci-fi series of all time. Our fans are at the heart of everything we do and we look forward to offering more exclusive content in the future. Watch this space…

You can follow Raules on Twitter @RaulesDavies and tune in to CBS Action on Virgin Media (192) as well as Sky (148) and Freesat (137).