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iPavement creates smart streets for networked cities: Digital Home

Why spend millions building expensive citywide WiFi network when you can turn the streets into a network of WiFi hotspots and sensors that can detect traffic and temperatures?

iPavement logoThe iPavement is a 40cm slab that can turn your entire city wireless with a network of other slabs 20 metres apart.

Each iPavement contains a Linux-powered computer with 5GB of memory, mesh networking and WiFi b/g for public access – all it needs is a power supply.

There’s a built-in accelerometer to measure pedestrian and vehicle traffic passing over the slab and a temperature sensor to monitor the environment in real time.

Once the first iPavement is installed, it recognises new slabs as they’re switched on and adds them to the network.

iPavement in use

Each slab can be programmed via the network with specific local information, like detailed maps, tourist highlights, local services, audio guide books, or music to advertise local concerts.

Each iPavement slab can cover more than 500 square metres with its WiFi hotspot, they have a non-slip surface and come in either smooth finish or grooved for sight-impaired paving.

Here’s some video of an iPavement installation in Madrid. It’s in Spanish but you might be able to get Google to live-translate.