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Islambox spreads the faith over IP: Smart TV Tuesday

Satellite and cable TV have traditionally been the quick’n’cheap route for niche channels to reach a worldwide audience, but smart TV is rapidly taking over.

IslamboxIslambox is more than a channel, it’s an entire package of Muslim-flavoured channels from the UK, USA, India, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

They’re delivered over your broadband connection to a variety of media streaming devices, including Google TV in the USA.

“Islam Box is the new, exciting and easy way to watch Islamic television from around the world without purchasing and installing big satellites,” said an Islambox statement.

“Islam Box uses your existing broadband internet connection and connects to Islam Box Servers spread around the globe to gain access to Islamic channels.”

It’s available on a wide range of devices including the Roku, Western Digital Media Player and Boxee media streamers, Apple and Android devices, plus any desktop or laptop browser.

Islambox is also planning to launch on LG and Sony smart TVs via Google TV, Nintendo Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, and connected DVD and Blu-ray players from LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, and Sony.

The basic Islambox subscription costs £9.49/month for access on up to five devices, with £3.16/month for each additional device. There’s also an extended selection of Arabic, world, Urdu and children’s channels.

The full range includes Islam Channel, IQRA UK, Noor TV, Al Hiwar, Ummah and Press TV from the UK, GuideUS TV from United States, Peace TV in English and Urdu from India, Saudi TV 1 and 2, Al Majd Satellite and Al Majd Holy Quran from Saudi Arabia, Al Jazeera in English and Arabic, Al Jazeera Children and Al Jazeera Baraem from Qatar, from Saudi Arabia, Huda TV, Al Naas and Al Rahmah from Egypt, Al Resalah, Sharjah TV and IQRA from United Arab Emirates, ARY News, QTV, Dunya TV, Madni Channel and Express News from Pakistan, and Somali Channel and Universal TV from Somalia. 

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a cool video about the launch:


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