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ITV meets Fox but fails to filch Family Guy from BBC Three

ITV has been entertaining executives from Family Guy owners Fox – but it has NOT yet struck a deal. 

Sources said that Fox recently visited ITV’s offices and the British TV company gave its guests a warm welcome by redecorating its lift doors. ITV often changes the images on lift doors depending on who is visiting. 

A post on Digital Spy’s forums claimed that Family Guy would move to ITV, along with an image of the Griffin family with the caption ‘Together as one freakin’ family’ sat on an ITV lift door. 

Read our ‘What’s happening to BBC Three?’ featureDespite this, ITV has not secured the rights to Family Guy, quashing rumours that the show would soon move from BBC Three to ITV2. 

Family Guy is currently being shown on BBC Three, which is due to be closed down later this year. It’s expected that Family Guy, one of the channel’s most popular shows, would be moved to another BBC channel. 

The BBC currently plans to shut down the BBC Three broadcast channel and replace it with a BBC One+1 timeshift channel. Shows that would have previously found a home on BBC Three will instead be moved to BBC One or BBC Two – or be moved online to BBC iPlayer. 

A save BBC Three petition, bearing the signatures of over 270,000 fans was recently delivered to the BBC Trust. 

BBC Three has launched online-only comedy pilots in the past to gauge interest. As Family Guy is not available on BBC iPlayer, it’s expected that, should the BBC be able to hold onto the rights, that the show would move to another BBC channel. 

Update: The BBC has now confirmed that it’s got the righths to broadcast Family Guy until at least 2017, which is when the next TV Licence settlement will be reached. 


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