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Kaleidescape Cinema One makes watching your DVD film library simple, for a price: video

Luxury home cinema Kaleidescape is hoping to tempt high-end film fans with a media server that will rip, manage and play your movie collection without breaking the bank.

The Kaleidescape Cinema One can copy your DVDs and Blu-ray discs to its 4TB hard disc, and lets you buy discs online then download them to watch on your TV.

At £3,295 it’s less than one-fifth the cost of Kaleidescape’s rack-mount home movie servers, but it offers the same original-disc quality and user interface.

Cheena Srinivasan, founder and executive vice president of Kaleidescape, said: “It encourages people to build a fantastic movie collection, and you never have to touch a shiny disc again.

“It’s the perfect product for someone who’s looking to upgrade their home cinema experience when they buy a new TV.”

The Cinema One can store around 600 DVDs and 100 Blu-rays, depending on the number of extras and directors’ cuts you decide to copy over.

It can also be controlled via an app for the iPad (Android coming soon), which either mirrors the on-screen menus or simply works as a remote control.

Kaleidescape’s own metadata – covering some 6,000 discs – is used to strip the annoying ads and copyright warnings from each film.

It includes lists of scenes which you can jump straight into, or even use to create a playlist of your favourite moments from one or more films (or songs in live music discs).

Kaleidescape Cinema One makes watching your DVD film library simple, for a price: videoKaleidescape Cinema One makes watching your DVD film library simple, for a price: video

You can find films by searching through titles, genres, actors, directors, dates and ratings or use the dynamic covers view to select a favourite film, and Cinema One will find similar films in your collection that you might enjoy.

The Kaleidescape shop lets you buy films online to download, or upgrade from a DVD disc to a Blu-ray quality HD download, although it’s limited to Warner Bros titles at the moment.

Blu-ray downloads are also around 40GB, so you’ll need fibre broadband speeds to get them in a reasonable time – or a lot of patience.

There are a few drawbacks to Kaleidescape’s lower-cost device: it can’t be upgraded if an 8TB disc comes along, and it won’t yet play Sony’s ‘Mastered in 4K’ Blu-ray discs.

Although your online purchases become part of your Ultraviolet film collection, Kaleidescape hasn’t yet arranged to let you download other films in your Ultraviolet collection to the Cinema One.

However, Srinivasan said Kaleidescape’s committed to helping its customers get the best experience and find an upgrade path if they can.


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