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Katy Perry and Plan B gigs come to LG smart TVs on LoveLive TV

Katy Perry, Florence and the Machine, Bombay Bicycle Club, Disclosure, Kendrick Lemar and Ellie Goulding can now be streamed live to LG TVs with the LoveLive TV app.

The app streams a mix of full-length HD recorded concerts, interviews at festivals, exclusive sessions, and backstage footage, and will feature live-streamed gigs later this year.

LoveLive’s tie-up with Universal Music group will bring future performances from artists including Haim, Chvrches, Sub Focus, Kelis, Lady Gaga and Paul Weller.

Katy Perry and Plan B gigs come to LG smart TVs on LoveLive TV
LoveLive is hoping to become the connected TV brand for live music

Richard Cohen, chief executive of LoveLive, said: “Contrary to what you may hear, the music industry has never been healthier. Spurred by new technologies, fans have an insatiable hunger for high quality music content, and they’re increasingly consuming in more visual ways.

“It is in this context that we joined with LG to develop our LoveLive TV app, in order to capture the thrill and excitement of the live music experience, and share it with over a million homes in the country.”

The app will enable users to access performances from their preferred artists by searching through the five curated sections: concerts, festivals, sessions, backstage and live feeds.

The apps’s launch on LG Smart TVs is planned as the first stage of a rollout to other connected TV brands and Xbox, Roku and Apple TV.

While there’s currently no advertising on the LG app, LoveLive is hoping to find sponsors to support its expansion into other devices.

Darren Petersen, senior content and services manager for smart TV at LG electronics UK, said: “LoveLive’s reputation for creating and curating content with the highest production values means our customers can be put right in the centre of the action, and all from the comfort of their own homes.”


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