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KFC goes large on free WiFi from The Cloud

Fried chicken kings KFC have launched free WiFi across their palaces of low-health high-taste food* with Sky’s The Cloud.

KFC expects to have WiFi available in all of its 458 outlets by the end of May, and will use it to enable new features such as placing your order via mobile to collect it without queuing to pay.

Logged-in customers will find a KFC landing page with menus and special offers before they move onto the wider web.

KFC goes large on free WiFi from The Cloud
Would you like WiFi with that?

Read more about The CloudKFC’s Nathan James said: “As more and more of our customers are using smart devices, we know internet connectivity is fast becoming a key part of the restaurant experience. 

“Diners want to be able to browse, access social networks, search for retail outlets around them to plan their day, or access KFC-related information and special offers. The new WiFi service offers exactly this and helps ensure we provide an enjoyable dining experience.”

Unusually, KFC has chosen to offer unlimited WiFi to all users in range of its hotspots, who will just have to register with The Cloud and go through the landing page.

Vince Russell, MD of The Cloud, said: “Fast and reliable WiFi paves the way for new technologies such as mobile payments to reduce queue times, QR codes to discover more about a product, as well as targeted advertising of specific products and offers via the WiFi landing page.”

* Other fried chicken vendors exist, but only KFC tastes good enough to risk a stroke, heart attack or diabetes. IMHO.


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