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Kids version of Zeebox on the cards

Children may get a version of social TV provider Zeebox for themselves as a way of helping them talk about the show they are watching.

At present, most social networking site prevent kids signing up to these services as most have an age restriction. Speaking at the Broadcast Commissioning & Funding Forum, Zeebox co-founder and chief technology officer Anthony Rose said he was trying to find a way for kids to chat about their favourite shows.

“We have been talking to kids channels about making a kids version of Zeebox,” he said at the forum.

Zeebox is a service that allows users to chat about the programmes with other people while the show is on air. It also updates users with what people are talking about particular shows in real time.

Alison Hume, who’s firm Sparticle Productions makes CBBC’s The Sparticle Mystery said that children could not talk about favourite TV shows online as they were not old enough to sign up for sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Zeebox has recently launched a contest to promote its latest feature TV Rooms. This feature allows users to create an online community based around their favourite shows, stars and TV topics.

“In the 30 days since we introduced TV Rooms, we’ve seen a huge response from fans creating and participating across more than a thousand rooms in the Zeebox app, so we decided to give a little back to fans and put some prizing into it,” said Jason Forbes, EVP and Managing Director of Zeebox.


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