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Free WiFi from The Cloud lets Legoland Windsor guests jump queues

Legoland Windsor has become the latest theme park to offer free WiFi to guests courtesy of The Cloud. 

Families will be able to connect to the free wireless network to upload photos and video of their fun day out as well as use the Legoland Windsor Resort apps for iOS and Android. 

The free Legoland apps let you find your way around the resort as well as book places in queues ahead of actually getting in line with the Q-Bot system. 

Connect to The Cloud's free WiFi network while at Legoland Windsor to share the magic
Connect to The Cloud’s free WiFi network while at Legoland Windsor to share the magic

Head of marketing at the Legoland Windsor Resort Mark Anderson said “We want to make sure everyone who visits the Legoland Windsor Resort has a fantastic time with us. 

“Being connected is all part of this, with new technologies like Q-Bot changing the way visitors queue. Our guests also like to interact with us throughout the day while they’re in the theme park, especially sharing photos and videos and using our mobile app.” 

Prices for the Q-Bot system are tiered and start at £15. The basic service ensures that you don’t have to queue any longer than the current waiting time,  while the £30 Express pass cuts the waiting time in half. Q-Bot Ultimate, costing £70, cuts the wait time down to 90 per cent, virtually jumping you to the front of the queue. 

As well as being able to reserve spaces in queues, you can check things like height requirements and have fun with a Legoland Camera. At the moment this doesn’t do much other than let you drop logos on top of your snaps, instead of doing something fun like putting Lego hair on Mum and Dad. It also seems to stretch any pictures you take in landscape to fit a portrait format. Hopefully the money earned from those £70 Q-Bot passes can be spent on making the app more fun. 

Aside from that, the app is essentially a high-tech brochure that lets you plan routes to all of the attractions in advance and even book tickets in advance. 

Legoland Windsor is the latest Merlin Entertainments venue to get free WiFi from the Cloud, after Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and more recently Chessington World of Adventures

It’s a far cry from the days where theme parks actively sought to ban over-connected parents from spending too long checking emails on BlackBerries (remember them?) than spending time with their families. 


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