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LG battery-powered Minibeam projectors turn any flat surface into an 80-inch screen

LG has launched a liberating new range of projectors that are powered by rechargeable batteries, for super mobile big-screen viewing nearly anywhere, even outdoors.

The LG Minibeam PH450U and PH150G projectors can connect to your laptop or any other supported device and turn nearly any flat surface into a mighty 80-inch HD display. Best of all, they run off battery power, so you don’t need to be anywhere near a plug to enjoy your movies or games, or play a presentation.

As a bonus the Minibeams are both ultra short throw projectors too, meaning they can be placed just 13-inches from the wall to beam a clear image. That’s great news if you’ve only got a tiny space to work with.

The LG PH450U is the larger of the two units, boasting a more powerful 450 lumens brightness and 100,000:1 contrast via the LED lamp. Sadly there is a catch; the battery will be all used up in just two and a half hours. The idea here is to offer the best possible picture quality, for just long enough to enjoy most films. If you want to indulge in a longer binge viewing session, you’ll need to give the bundled battery a quick charge.

The smaller LG PH150G projector, weighing in at just 450g, manages 130 lumens of brightness – but then it’s a lot cheaper too.

Both LG ultra short throw battery powered Minibeam projectors feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, so you should be able to view without any wires at all.

The downside to all this? The maximum resolution offered for that 80-inch screen size is 1280 x 720. Sure it’s HD, but nowhere near what you could get with some 4K offerings.

Of course, the Minibeams mobility make them a very worthy purchase if you want something to keep you entertained on the move. So if it’s a horror night in the woods on the cards, with films shown on a strung-up sheet between branches, you won’t get much better than this.

The LG PH450U will be $650 (which is about £500 these days) at launch in the US and Europe next month. Meanwhile the LG150G will be $350, or about £270, arriving only “in target countries”.


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