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LG Cloud smart TV streaming and storage service coming to UK next month

LG Cloud is due to arrive in the UK next month, letting you store content in the cloud and stream it on your LG smart TV. 

While every tech company and their dog has rolled out a cloud service of some kind in the last couple of years, LG Cloud is interesting as it provides an easy way for customers to stream content on their smart TV sets without having to set up any Wireless HDMI or Wi-Di units. 

LG Cloud lets you manage and view content on your PC or laptop, your Android phone or tablet (no word on iOS support yet) and on your smart TV. This makes arranging and sharing content between screens really easy – no faffing around with peripherals or having to worry about codecs.  

LG Cloud smart TV streaming and storage service coming to UK next month

As well as letting you stream video and pictures taken on your phone to your smart TV, it’s an easy way to transfer files between your phone and your PC. After installing the LG Cloud apps, you’ve got 5GB of streaming/storage space to play with. 

After a quick setup process, users can begin streaming up to 5GB of content for free directly to their CINEMA 3D Smart TV without having to first download files to a smart storage device. Multimedia can be conveniently saved and streamed from LG Cloud, freeing up gigabytes of space on overloaded smartphones and PCs. 

LG Cloud launched in South Korea, the US and Russia almost a year ago. Normally us Brits can’t wait for the clouds to clear but this is one Cloud we’ve been actually looking forwards to arriving. 


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