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LG Cloud: Why you want this for your 3D Smart TV

LG Cloud looks at first glance to be South Korea’s second favourites attempts to jump on the cloud services bandwagon; Google Drive recently launched, SkyDrive and iCloud have been with us awhile now and Samsung’s prepping its own S-Cloud.

But if you’re in any way interested in easily slinging pics, videos, games or what have you to your TV then you’ll want to give it a second look.

LG Cloud is worth checking out because it’s the first cloud service that allows users to manage and view all types of content on three screens – i.e. your Android device, PC/laptop and your Smart TV.

LG Cloud: Why you want this for your 3D Smart TV

To use the service, you’ll need to download the LG Cloud app from Google Play, LG SmartWorld store from their LG Smart TVs or visit LG Cloud website from their PCs or laptops. Once you’re set up LG Cloud will automatically synchronizes smartphone content with the cloud server and the user’s PC and TV.

Unlike, say, HTC’s Media Link HD, there’s no hardware or peripheral attachments; no set-top box is needed with LG Cloud.

Though not yet available to us in old Blighty, there’s a beta taking place right now in the US and Korea. We expect that LG Cloud will be rolling out over here in due course.

LG Cloud: Edit videos on your PC, watch them seconds later on your phone or TV

Naturally, LG’s Cinema 3D range of 3D Smart TVs is fully compatible with LG Cloud. What’s more, any 3D content slung to a Cinema 3D telly from a 3D LG phone like the LG Optimus 3D and the LG Optimus 3D Max will be instantly watchable.

Before, properly displaying 3D pictures we’d taken on an LG Optimus 3D phone on a 3D TV set had been tricky – often we had to manually adjust the parallax on the phone itself to get it looking right on a 3D TV. LG Cloud does the hard work for you; basically if the 3D effect looks right on the phone then it should look right on your LG Cinema 3D’s screen.

If you want to take a scalpel to your movies on your laptop, then with the LG Cloud PC app you can upload your results easily to your TV once you’re done tinkering in Premier Pro or Vegas or whatever you use.

LG says that unlike other cloud services, there’s very little waiting or lag time since the content is streamed to the TV, PC or smartphone, not downloaded first.

LG Cloud: Real-time Streaming Transcoding takes the heat off of your devices

This is because the transcoding happens mid-upload; LG’s Real-time Streaming Transcoding technology means that LG’s Cloud servers do the hard work. As well as doing away with having to install the right codecs, it’ll be less hardware intensive on your laptop and Android phone. Crucially, for Android phones it’ll place less strain on the battery.

An LG spokesperson said in a statement that “Most companies today only see the cloud as a storage device or in the case of YouTube or Flickr, only for one type of content. LG makes the devices that millions of people watch content on so we can set a new yardstick for ease of use by setting up our own cloud service. Tomorrow’s consumers don’t want to go to one cloud for music, another cloud for video, another location for photos and yet another cloud for their office files. In the end, our solution is about making life more convenient.”

LG Cloud looks to be more than just LG keeping up with the cloud Joneses; more like moving into the Joneses neighbourhood and showing them how it’s done. More info on LG Cloud drifting over to the UK as and when we get it.